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Kelsey McCarson

Hitting Dogs with Sticks

One day, when my father was a little boy, right around five or six years old, he and his cousin, Don, were scampering around the neighborhood looking for trouble. More often than not, these two would find exactly what they were looking for, and if not, they’d create it for themselves. As a boy, my dad lit his family’s house on fire, threw a pair of scissors into the back of his older sister and blew the courthouse toilet off the wall by flushing a cherry bomb firecracker down the pipes.

That’s what boys did back then.Well, maybe that’s what some boys did back then. I don’t know. That’s what my dad and his cousin did.

Nevertheless, one such day he and Don ran across the neighbor’s dog. Dad doesn’t remember exactly what kind of dog it was, only that it was biggest, scariest and most powerful dog of the street. Like any good henchman, Don did the honorable thing and encouraged my dad to hit that dog with a stick.

“I bet you won’t hit that dog with a  stick,” he said.

“This dog right here?” replied my dad.

“Yeah, that one,” said Don.

Obviously, my dad then proceeded to hit that dog with the stick.

There are only a few things that can happen when you hit a dog with a stick. Your run of the mill house pet might simply scamper away with its tail down. A silly dog might just skip back a bit and then bark at you and run back and forth as if it’s some kind of game.

But an alpha dog, the biggest, scariest and most powerful dog on the street, goes immediately into attack mode. At least that’s what my dad and his cousin say happens, and they would know. Because that dog bit my dad almost as soon as that stick landed. The two boys ran home quickly. 

One has to wonder, then, what HBO’s next move will be after powerful fight manager Al Haymon signed lineal light heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson to his absurdly large list of clients and yanked him away from what has historically been America’s premier boxing network, HBO.  

According to Yahoo’s Kevin Iole, HBO opted not to renegotiate a previously agreed to but heretofore unsigned deal with Stevenson, allowing rival Showtime to swoop in and nab Stevenson  for his next fight against Andrzej Fonfara on May 24 at the Bell Centre in Montreal.

This is the latest in the long line of moves by Showtime that basically amount to executive vice president and general manager Stephen Espinoza walking up to the HBO and hitting it with a stick. Espinoza has now taken away from HBO the world’s biggest boxing star, Floyd Mayweather, along with a slew of other hugely marketable fighters predominantly represented by Haymon and promoted by Golden Boy Promotions.

There are only a few things that can happen when you hit a dog with a stick.

Kovalev vs. Agnew Stuff

Ready for Sergey Kovalev vs. Cedric Agnew?

I wrote lots of stuff about this weekend's fight. Why not do me a solid and have a look at it? 

First, read about the Eastern European explosion in boxing.

Next, read about how Kathy Duva and company discovered Kovalev

Then, read about Main Events long road back to HBO. 

(Honestly, I was really happy with those three pieces and they didn't get very many reads.) 

Finally, over at TSS, you can read how Agnew is a mystery man and how Kovalev doesn't care. 



I was offered an opportunity to step outside the boxing world a bit to write about the upcoming Winter Olympics. I jumped at the opportunity. No one gets anywhere worth going by saying no to opportunities. 

The first three assignments I got were figure skating. It has been interesting to play catch-up on the sport. Like most people, I only really pay attention to winter sports every four years or so. Plus, I'm from Texas. I've only seen snow like four times. 

Here are links to the stories I wrote.The first one got over half a million reads. It was picked up by and featured there for about two days. That shattered my record for reads five times over!

Here's one on Jason Brown, a 19-year-old who will make his very first trip to the Olympics. 

Here is the first one I wrote. I was overexcited about Gracie Gold's performance so it comes off a bit corny. I'm a bit of a nerd that way. 

Finally, lest you believe I didn't write anything about boxing, here are my thoughts on P-Will, Mago and Frankie Leal.